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How Moose Wyoming Real Estate Compares With Jackson Hole

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on March 19th, 2013. Posted in Jackson hole realty, Moose wy real estate, Real estate jackson wyoming

Real estate jackson wy

Moose Wyoming real estate compares very well with nearby Jackson hole real estate for several reasons, not the least of which is the idea that people living in Moose and Jackson Hole luxury homes are paying just over $2.4 million to live there. While Moose Wyoming real estate is a bit less expensive, it demonstrates the viability of living in such an area and the luxuriousness of such a place. Jackson Hole is where two of the country’s wealthiest Americans live, according to Forbes’ 2012 list, in addition to being located adjacent to the National Elk Refuge, which holds an annual benefit in its town square each May to raise funds for the refuge through auctioning off naturally shed antlers secured by Boy Scouts. The place is fantastic, and so for people unable to afford the sometimes pricey Jackson hole ranches for sale, there are less expensive Moose Wyoming real estate options.

Those purchasing Moose Wyoming real estate can find a lot of the same benefits as those purchasing Jackson hole real estate for sale, including taking advantage of the state’s seven national parks (which garnered nearly 6 million visitors in 2011) and the vast career opportunities that present themselves throughout Wyoming. The state was named for seven consecutive years to Bloomsberg’s Best Places To Do Business for a reason. It is a great state for career minded people. In short, people looking into land and excellent Moose WY real estate can find excellent options.