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The Benefits of Expatriate Compensation

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on May 10th, 2013. Posted in Defense base act lawyer, Longshore and harbor workers compensation, Longshore and harbor workers compensation act

Longshore harbor workers compensation act

With the vast numbers of civilians who are working in dangerous foreign countries, the need for expatriate compensation is more necessary than ever. This was particularly true between the years of 2001 and 2012, when 155,000 contractors worked inside of Iraq and Afghanistan. Considering the dangers encountered by contractors who provided security detail in the middle east during the War, 1295.20 per week hardly seems worth it. Nonetheless, over 155,000 Americans obviously thought it was. For those who need expatriate compensation, defense base act attorneys can help them to be sure that everything about an expatriate compensation plan is proper and in place.

A Defense Base Act lawyer specializes in the area concerning the workers compensation of those civilians who are working with the United States military inside the borders of foreign countries. Considering how important workers compensation is for civilians who work normal, cushy jobs, one can only imagine how vital it is for those who work under the constant threat of IEDs. Fortunately, Dba lawyers can allow contractors and their families to rest assured that in the event of a tragedy, that 3000 dollars of funeral expenses are covered, and that families will have access to the benefits of the deceased.

While no military contractor or their families want to think about needing to rely on a DBA attorney, the fact that the Defense Base Act exists provides significant reassurance to contractors and their families. As such, expatriate compensation is something that civilians and their families deserve, especially in light of the sacrifices that they make every day. Not only do contractors risk life and limb on a daily basis, they sacrifice being with their families to help their country. And in the event that something were to happen to a contractor, he or she can rest assured that their families will be helped out by expatriate compensation.