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How to Turn Your Wardrobe into a Rock Concert

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on May 16th, 2013. Posted in Novelty jeans, Printed jeans, Rhinestone jeans

Light wash jeans

There are approximately 450 pairs of jeans sold in the United State per year. An unknown Italian artist created a painting in the 17th Century which represented the first visual depiction of blue jeans. Size 12 is the size for the average female American. Cotton, the fabric used to make jeans, is the worlds most popular fiber. One bale of cotton can make over 200 pairs of blue jeans. These numbers might surprise but, in all honesty, jeans are one of the more common and popular styles of pants in the world. This huge population of jeans wearers and owners is the reason for the rise of such things like studded jeans, glitzy jeans, and bling jeans. In the event you are trying to track down some bling jeans, you might want to start at your local department store to browse their selection of premium jeans. If you cannot find bling jeans there, however, you might want to start testing the virtual fitting room known as the World Wide Web.

Bling jeans and metallic jeans are gaining popularity because of the high end quality that is put into them. This simply means that not only are they the best fitting jeans, they have accents and designs put into them by top notch designers and artists. In order to find a good pair of bling jeans, you might want to simply search for bling jeans but if nothing comes up, check out designer stores, retail outlets, and other popular online retailers who specialize in the latest trends and styles, such as bling jeans. Also, be sure to consider the price you plan to pay because, if you want something cheap, there are things out there that can be affordable and full of fashion sense.