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How to Get a More Eco Friendly Water Cooler

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on May 30th, 2013. Posted in Bottleless water coolers, Bottleless water dispenser, Point of use water coolers

Filtered bottleless water cooler

Did you know that more than four main municipalities in the US, including New York, have banned the use of government funds for the purchase of bottled water? This is not surprising considering that there is usually much cheaper water available in buildings themselves, and the vast majority of plastic water bottles in the US end up becoming garbage rather than recycled.

For these reasons, bottleless water coolers are becoming more popular. Bottleless water coolers use the water available, except they filter it more thoroughly. It is like using a water fountain, except the water is less likely to taste like metal pipes. Filtered water coolers are still important to have. In fact, bottleless water coolers might be cleaner than water you have previously had in an office. A surprising study by a prominent American university found that the majority of office water coolers they tested had bacteria levels that were in excess of those recommended by the FDA.

Bottleless water dispensers are also handy because there is no longer a heavy water cooler that someone has to bring, in many cases, up and down stairs once a week or so. What is the point of use water cooler? Not only can bottleless options save money, but they are good for the environment as well. Considering landfills are already so full, why add to them unnecessarily with water bottles?