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Database Virtualization and You

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on June 7th, 2013. Posted in Hipaa compliant text messaging, Secure messaging, Secure texting

Medical text messaging

When it comes to keeping mobile health applications, database virtualization is the wave of the future. With the global nature of the world today, including the medical insurance industry, it helps to be able to have services such as mobile healthcare applications. This sort of issue can easily be coordinated among many people in the same company, even if they located around the world.

With the advent of HIPAA regulations, patient privacy is more important than ever before. By using database virtualization, a medical records company can easily ensure that the necessary information about each of their patients is suitably encrypted. This encryption helps to ensure that hackers and other people who stumble upon the website unexpectedly can not access sensitive medical information.

Many people go to see a number of different doctors in order to treat the different ailments they have. A majority of the time, these doctors tend to be in the same medical network. This makes it easier than even for those doctors to be aware of a patient’s history , even if they themselves are not able to remember all aspects of it. Using database virtualization helps to ensure that only those people with the appropriate permissions can access this sensitive information.

While many people find their medical histories to be pretty boring and bland, they still often share information with their doctors that they might not otherwise want to have people be aware of. This is a primary reason why database virtualization is so important. When information is shared among different agencies or doctors, it is important that it be properly virtualized so that it can not be accidentally intercepted. Not only does this protect the patient’s privacy, it also helps to protect the doctors as well.

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