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The Importance of Preschool in Trumbull CT

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on June 15th, 2013. Posted in Childcare ct, Daycare in peekskill ny, Daycares in ct

Child care in ct

Once a child turns two years old they will be extremely active, even more active than at any other time in their life. By the age of three, the child will have 1,000 trillion developed brain cell connections. That is about twice as many as brain cell connections that a typical adult has. Then, once they turn four, watch out. The child will be asking about 437 questions every single day. If you are a parent, you will want to take advantage of this rapid learning period and enroll your child in a daycare in Trumbull CT. Children who get to go to daycare in Trumbull CT have a huge advantage over children who do not.

One thing is for sure, a child that has gone to preschool will generally not have to get held back to repeat a grade. Nor will they likely ever get in trouble with the law. However, children do not learn much by way of academics when they go to daycares CT. This is a time when they are learning how to get along with other children. So basically, daycare in Trumbull is more of a child care facility where children can go to learn social skills before entering into kindergarten. Of course, they may also learn to count and learn their ABCs and other necessary beginning academics.

The development of motor skills is important and children who go to preschool in Trumbull CT have plenty of opportunities to develop their motor skills. They end up being able to read and write better if they go to daycare in Trumbull CT. Sending your child to daycare in Trumbull CT will give him or her a head start on learning. Once the child enters into kindergarten, they will be more advanced than children who did not go to preschool. This helps the child gain confidence in their learning abilities and also helps children develop the necessary social skills needed later on in life. Preschool teachers are there to guide the child in their activities and are not meant to be there to place restrictions on the child. Children who go to daycare in Trumbull CT are happier as they get more chances to explore the world around them.

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