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“World Wide Pants,” the Rise of Blue Jeans

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on June 20th, 2013. Posted in Boyfriend jeans, Glitzy jeans, Mother daughter jeans

Women s slim fit jeans

Jeans may be the most ubiquitous article of clothing today. Jeans are worn in all settings, from work outdoors to office attire, from casual wear to cocktail parties. And they are no longer just blue. There are of course dark wash jeans and standard midrise jeans, but more outlandish options like metallic jeans and even rhinestone jeans are on the market. And with jeans showing no sign of decreased popularity, it is all the more relevant that one cotton bale can now produce more than 200 pairs of jeans.

As one might suspect, jeans have a pretty interesting history, but it goes back farther than you might realize. The word itself is of french origin, and was initially used as a name for Italian sailors who hailed from Genoa and wore pants made of cotton twill. An early version of blue jeans shown in a painting by an unknown Italian painter from the 1600s may have been the first visual representation of the popular clothing.

Originally called “waist overalls,” jeans with copper rivets was an innovation of Jacob Davis, who later teamed up with Levi Strauss in order to afford the patent for the design. Today, copper rivets are still a trademark of jeans, but the pants themselves come in a large variety of styles and fits. Midrise jeans are a popular option for comfort, while womens designer jeans also include strait legged jeans, skinny jeans, and slim fit.

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