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Rating the Fox News 8 Website

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on June 24th, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Fox 8 News Cleveland OH launched in 1949 as a channel and has remained on air since then, thought it has changed ownership over the years. Today, the station is both on air as well as online. It is important for News websites to be effective at conveying information online, since their viewers will not always be able to access the television. How does their Cleveland News Fox 8 website rate in terms of web design, function and navigability?

The opening page of the Fox 8 News Cleveland OH website is fairly appealing. The logo and header are attractive and a prominent headline with accompanying color photo is right in the center of the page. It took me a minute to notice the weather, and this is probably because, like many people, I have become conditioned to seeing blue clouds and yellow suns, yet the Fox 8 weather icon is all white. Once you know where it is there is no problem, but it does seem like an odd way to flaunt tradition. An ad also periodically covers the three day forecast

Knowing Where a Walk In Doctors Office Could Save Your Life

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on June 24th, 2013. Posted in Seattle walk in clinic, Urgent care renton, Urgent care seattle

Urgent care clinic seattle

Had I not known about the walk in doctors office, my friend might not have received the medical diagnosis he needed in time. We ate out at this new Chinese place, when he started feeling really unwell, like something worse than food poisoning.

He needed his doctor, but the office was closed. Plus, he could not afford to pay the high price of emergency room care. Thankfully, I knew of the nearby walk in doctors office, and got him there as quickly as I could. They took him and found that he really did have mild food poisoning, and his pain tolerance was just low.

Thankfully, such gastrointestinal conditions were pretty common things to go to a walk in doctors office for. Other such maladies that they treat were sprains and strains, fractures, upper respiratory illnesses, lacerations and concussi