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Buying Living Room Sets Online

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on July 5th, 2013. Posted in Bedroom set, Furniture store, Mattress store


The elite people in ancient societies were the first people to have the privilege to sit in chairs. Back then they called them thrones. If you were in the lower classes of society, you got to sit on a stool or some other version of a backless chair. In Rome, the upper classes sat on thrones for formal occasions. The women reclined on what they called “cathedras.” In the UK, the chair is recognized as a symbol of authority in the House of Commons.

During the 17th century, people started using desks. The desks they used back then were the kind that had a sloping front that you could open and shut to write on. Furniture designs have come a long ways since then and so have desk designs. Now, every year there are more than 3 million desks and 16.5 million desks sold to American companies. Businesses in America also bu