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Find the Best Company You Can for Your Machine Tool Needs

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on July 9th, 2013. Posted in Boring tools, Milling boring head


Early boring tools and machinery were part of the backbone of industry in this country. Even before 1840, the workers in this country were using things such as the slide rest, screw cutting and turret lather, the metal planer, and the milling machine. The development of machine tools was encouraged by the use of lathes and boring heads to craft cannon barrels. Machine tools can perform two functions. They constrain the piece being worked upon, but they also guide the movement of the various machinery.

And there is a variety of types of boring. One is when the boring bar is supported on both ends, used only when a new hole is being made through one already existing. Another boring type is when the boring bar is supported at only one end. This can be used for the same purpose as both ends being held, but it al