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Air Conditioning Specialists in Portsmouth VA

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on July 31st, 2013. Posted in Business Directory


Air Conditioning Specialists

2618 Airline Blvd.

Portsmouth, VA 23701


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Headquartered in Portsmouth, Virginia, Air Conditioning Specialists was established in 1997, and is a fully licensed, insured and experienced heating and cooling company. We strive to provide our customers with the quickest, most efficient HVAC service and installation. Our workmanship, along with the highest quality of home and business products available, ensures the dependable performance of your HVAC system and your family’s comfort year after year. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to serve you, and looks forward to building a long-term relationship. Our success is dependent upon 100% customer satisfaction and the referrals we receive from our many satisfied customers.

Adjusting Your Bed Will Adjust Your Sleep

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on July 31st, 2013. Posted in Adustable bed, Dual adjustable beds, Sleep system bed

Adjustable electric bed

Do you ever wake up and wonder why the heck your body feels like you spent the night sleep walking into heavy things? Do you ever wake up and feel like you went water tubing in the middle of the night? Well, you probably were not aggressively sleep walking into anything at all, and you most likely did not go water tubing while you were asleep, you may simply be suffering from the fact that you need a new mattress or even a new bed.

Although there are some comfortable mattresses out there, why go and buy the same thing that once gave you a bad sleep, when you can go and buy something new like an adjustable bed. An adjustable mattress can be adjusted into positions that are more comfortable to you, while giving full support to your head, neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, hips, thighs, legs and fe