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When in Cleveland, There Is Only One Place To Go for the Best in News Fox Channel 8

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on August 22nd, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Channel 8 Cleveland Ohio is your one stop shop for all things news. Seriously. Fox 8 News in Cleveland covers everything that you need. You never need to change the channel or pick up another newspaper ever again. When they cover all of their bases, you stay the most informed and get to be completely up to date on all of the news that you need.

Your news experience with Fox 8 News in Cleveland begins every day at half past four in the morning! I challenge you to find a news organization so dedicated as to be on so early, offering news and coverage for even the earliest of risers and workers. From there the news stays on all the way up until 10 am, allowing the rest of the folks who get up at less crazy hours to experience their morning news as well. Next they take a two hour break and then come right back with an hour of news at noon.

Once your lunch break is done at work, you have the rest of the day until the evening news begins at four, going for a full three and a half hours. Whe