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Peace of Mind During Your Oil Change

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Motor oil facts

The best place for an oil change is not just about price and service, but their ability to insure that they are good stewards as part of part of the process. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, when looking at illegal motor oil dumping, puts the figure in the ballpark of nearly 200 million gallons. Not only does that represent critical risks to the existing natural resources, but it represents large volumes of oil that could be reclaimed and recycled for further use. Using oil change locations that support American Petroleum Institute standards support proper recycling of different motor oil

Staying Healthy Starts With Your Smile

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What is a cosmetic dentist

Did you know that 99.7% of Americans feel more comfortable, and much more at ease, entering into social situations with a dazzling white smile? A healthy smile is much more than a social asset. Untreated malocclusions, or underbites, overbites, and misaligned teeth, can lead to permanent, sometimes life-altering health problems, including disproportionate jaws, worn teeth, gum disease, and tooth loss. Be proactive about your dental, and overall, health. Discuss the following options with a cosmetic dentist.

Clear Aligners

Traditional metal braces apply constant pressure to teeth, using a combination of brackets, arch wire, bonding materials, and ligature elastic. This constant pressure pushes teeth into position, typically over an extended period of time. According to the American