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Five Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 6th, 2013. Posted in Adjustable bed mattresses, Adjustable electric bed, How to get a better night sleep

Ways to get a good night sleep

It’s hard enough trying to accomplish everything we have to do in a given day, so sleep should just be a given, right? Not for the 70 million Americans who suffer from chronic sleep problems. You can make the bed comfortable as you like and wear an eye mask to keep out all the light. But if you don’t know how to sleep better at night, you’re not going to feel as good when you wake up. Follow these five ways to get a good night sleep and see what kind of refreshment you feel in the morning.

The right mattress

This one might seem a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised the number of people who simply choose a bed because it’s affordable or economical for their space concerns. You need good rest in order to function properly, so don’t skimp out on the right bed comfort. Flat mattre