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How to Make Your Bathroom More Water Efficient

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 24th, 2013. Posted in Commercial toilets, Contemporary toilets, Corner bathtub

Bathroom sinks and faucets

When you own a home or run a business, you’re always looking for ways to cut costs. Mortgages, overhead and utilities all add up at the end of the month, so it’s to you benefit to figure out ways to start paying less when those bills come in the mail. One of the biggest problems areas in a home isn’t the kitchen, as a lot of people tend to think it is, but the bathroom.

Indeed, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that bathrooms require the most water usage of any other room in a building or home. But today, saving water has never been easier, thanks to the innovations and modernization of energy efficient technology. If you’re trying to find a few ways to lower your bills or operating costs, starting with these three quick tips might help.

Opting for low-flow modern toilets