A Quality Wedding Photographer Doesn’t Have to Break Your Budget

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on October 2, 2013. Posted in Average cost for wedding photographer, Beach wedding photographer, Party rental in miami

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Anyone who has planned a wedding, or is in the process of planning the perfect wedding day understands the stress associated with this major life event. It can be downright painful at times on your body and your mind. It can even hit your wallet hard when it comes time to dole out payment to make the big day happen. One item one mustn’t overlook when budgeting a wedding is the cost of a wedding photographer. After all, you don’t want to trust this very important day of your life with just anybody with a camera.

But you also may not have the money to spend on the kind of wedding royals and the rich throw. So when looking for the best wedding photographers within a set budget, spend time, not money, to help control the cost of a wedding photographer.

Wedding photographer prices range between $1,000 to $10,000 or more. Services often include packages like the hours of one photographer, proofs in an online or hard cover album and a limited number of prints, as well as a CD or DVD. Those on a budget will want to stick to the $1,000 to $4,000 range and that will still allow you to pick from packages, decide on photo details, get negatives and extras without breaking the bank.

To defray the cost of a wedding photographer, talk about what packages fit your price point. Tell him or her what you would you envision for your wedding photography and if the photographer is insistent on something else, is too pushy, is not willing to give a little or bend a bit, it might be time to find someone who will work with couples. Some of them appreciate business more than the others.

Having friends who know how to use a camera and compose a quality photo can also be of service when considering the cost of a wedding photographer. You can ask him or her to take your wedding photos and give them (and the services) as a gift. This is a great way to hire an affordable wedding photographer. Keep in mind that if you hire an unprofessional friend, you may not get the kind of shots you might get from a true pro who has experience taking wedding photos. Also, consider if your friendship will be affected if something goes wrong regarding the photos or photo services.

Kudos on your upcoming wedding! Talk to those around you who may have hired a professional wedding photographer or go online and read reviews. You can also get information about how to find a professional wedding photographer, how to save on the cost of a wedding photographer, and gain access to hundreds of other tips and tricks to help you plan the big day. Find out more at this site: eikonpro.com

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  • Vincent Jonston
    November 6, 2013 at 3:26 am |

    It’s never awesome to have to think about budgets and scrimping when you are planning for your most special life event. However, it makes sense to work within a budget, especially when you can always find cheaper services.

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