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Five Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 6th, 2013. Posted in Adjustable bed mattresses, Adjustable electric bed, How to get a better night sleep

Ways to get a good night sleep

It’s hard enough trying to accomplish everything we have to do in a given day, so sleep should just be a given, right? Not for the 70 million Americans who suffer from chronic sleep problems. You can make the bed comfortable as you like and wear an eye mask to keep out all the light. But if you don’t know how to sleep better at night, you’re not going to feel as good when you wake up. Follow these five ways to get a good night sleep and see what kind of refreshment you feel in the morning.

The right mattress

This one might seem a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised the number of people who simply choose a bed because it’s affordable or economical for their space concerns. You need good rest in order to function properly, so don’t skimp out on the right bed comfort. Flat mattre

Discover the Advantages of Urgent Care Centers

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 5th, 2013. Posted in Alternative to emergency room, Oceanside health clinic, Walk in doctor

Urgent care 24 hours

Did you know that emergency rooms in the United States charge patients an average of $1,500, while the average cost of a local urgent care visit is only around $150? Even though emergency care centers serve an essential service to the public, most people simply cannot afford to spent $1,000 or more. This puts many Americans in difficult situations when they must pursue emergency care, and it is even worse for the 15-20% of Americans who don’t have health insurance coverage.

Regardless of their costs and ridiculous wait times, Americans make about 110 million visits to emergency rooms each year. However, at least 20% of those visits could have been handled competently by urgent care facilities. Additionally, patients who seek treatment at local urgent cares will usually be treated in a fraction of the ti

Do You Need Marijuana Addiction Treatment?

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 5th, 2013. Posted in Marijuana addiction recovery, Marijuana addictive, Marijuana treatment

Marijuana addict

In ancient China, cannabis seeds were used as a food source as early as 6000 B.C. Additionally, cannabis was used as a medicine in 2737 B.C. by Chinese emperor Shen Nung as a treatment for rheumatism and gout.

While many states, about 13, are legalizing the use of marijuana, usually for medicinal purposes, it is still a controlled substance under federal laws. It is also considered to be the most common illegal drug used in the United States. As such, many people are seeking marijuana addiction treatment.

According to the website, approximately 30 percent of Americans where are arrested for marijuana violations are under the age of 19. This gives cause to pause as to how many people may be seeking marijuana addiction treatment.

It is interesting to note that among adults who seek marijuana

Don’t Waste Time in the ER – Visit Urgent Care Today

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 5th, 2013. Posted in Alliance urgent care, Denver urgent care, Urgent care englewood

Urgent care express

Should an emergency besiege you or a loved one, would you know what to do? How would you handle the situation? Would you be able to afford the cost of visiting the emergency room? Unfortunately, not many people really can afford to do that. The cost of visiting the emergency room is often astronomical when compared to that of convenient care centers.

There are almost 9,000 doctors urgent care clinics in the United States, and that number is only growing all the time, which makes receiving medical attention in an emergency even more convenient. More people around the country are choosing the use of urgent care centers such as urgent care Littleton Co instead of emergency rooms or their own physicians.

Creating the Best SEO Proposal Example

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 5th, 2013. Posted in Seo proposal example, Seo proposal sample, Seo proposal software

Seo proposal example

As internet marketing continues to grow more important to many companies’ advertising and marketing plans, search engine optimization becomes increasingly important to success. As such, the smartest companies are turning to SEO firms to assist them in coming up with the most effective online marketing strategies.

Before businesses can embark upon a fully-developed SEO campaign, they will want to see what types of options are available to them. Understandably, businesses want to know how their money is being spent before approving any prospective plan. Essentially, businesses want to see an SEO proposal sample before giving their SEO consultant the go ahead. This is especially essential since there is so much information that must be mapped out prior to implementing any SEO campaign.

A 2012 study found

Peel and Stick Veneer Sheets Being Used to Improve the Appearance of Damaged Furniture

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 4th, 2013. Posted in Oak sheets, Veneer suppliers

Melamine edgebanding

It is quite common for people to take great pride in their homes. And this is perfectly understandable, as the place in which one lives is meant to be a material manifestation of their identity. People want to have a home that represents them well, both to themselves and to all of their guests that will ever enter it. Aesthetic appeal in a home is a priority for most, and one of the best means for establishing an identity that has aesthetic appeal is through decorating.

Filling a home with furnishings that are appealing and representative of the owner are how most will gain pride in their home. However, as time goes on, most furniture will begin to show wear and tear and inevitably become less appealing. Of course, replacing furniture is not the most ideal option as it can be quite costly. Another reaso

If You Are Injured and Are Unable to Work, You May Be Entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 3rd, 2013. Posted in Arizona social security disability, Social security disability lawyers arizona, Social security phoenix

Phoenix disability attorneys

Have you recently been injured while on the job or are otherwise unable to work because of physical disability? If either is the case, you may want to consider filing Social Security disability claims.

As you go about filing for Social Security Disability you may want to enlist the help of Social Security and disability attorneys who are experienced in these cases and can ensure that your case is properly filed and your claim is fairly heard. Ultimately it comes down to getting sufficient compensation.

The basis of Social Disability benefits is the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, which prevents those with disabilities from experiencing discrimination at work and when seeking education, housing, and public services. The law, also known as

Why Do People Like to Wear Camo?

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 2nd, 2013. Posted in Camo crib bedding, Cheap camo purses, Military camouflage clothing

Camo accessories for trucks

Did you know that the word camouflage is derived from the French word camoufler, which means to blind or to disguise? Naturally, items like digital camouflage clothing are used by the military to obfuscate perssonel and equipment from enemy observation by either concealing it, or making it appear to be something else.

Such a defense tactic seems so standard that it’s hard to believe it wasn’t until the 19th century when military camouflage was first developed when the accuracy and power of firearms increased, making it necessary to find a way to further protect soldiers. Prior its development, soldiers wore brightly colored uniforms to do the opposite–to make them stand out on the battlefield, which helped identify who

Bartels Busack Pet Hospital Resort and Spa in Parma OH

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 2nd, 2013. Posted in Business Directory


Bartels Busack Pet Hospital Resort and Spa

6270 State Rd

Parma, OH 44134

(440) 845-7141

Local Business Picture

Bartels Busack Pet Hospital, Resort, and Spa is run by dedicated professionals who love animals. Let our 30 years of experience with all kinds of pets help you and your special pet.

1st KDC Builders in Plano Texas

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on November 30th, 2013. Posted in Business Directory


1st KDC Builders

1416 Ginger Court

Plano, Texas 75075

(972) 509-2814

Local Business Picture

1st KDC Builders was established in 1986 offering expert foundation repair, roofs, windows and interior
craftsmanship at a fair and honest price for homeowners throughout Texas and the surrounding states. With
a corporate philosophy built on trust and integrity, Gary joined the Better Business Bureau in 1986 to ensure
that homeowners had reliable access to the excellent performance records of his company. 1 st KDC Builders has
continually expanded their service offerings to meet the needs of homeowners and commercial properties alike.