Need to Get Your Car Fixed Up? Don’t Let Your Insurance Pick the Location

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on July 10th, 2013. Posted in Body shop estimates, Collision body shop, Collision repair estimates in miami florida

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Car accidents are an unfortunately prevalent fact of life in the United States. Americans love their cars. We love them fast, we love them loud, and we love to drive them recklessly. Consider the fact that the 1901 Mercedes had only a 35 horsepower engine. That is pretty powerful when considering the 1901 to 1906 Oldsmobile which only had a single cylinder, three horsepower engine and was steered with a tiller. When compared with the performance vehicles of our day and age, perhaps it is not surprising that nearly two million adult drivers and their passengers seek treatment from emergency rooms after automobile crashes every year. Many modern vehicles have over 150 horsepower. Automobiles are extremely powerful things that have to be treated with respect.

There are some interesting facts about auto acc