Drink A Glass Of Wine In Honor Of Vinyl Coated Fabric

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on May 21st, 2013. Posted in Brious vinyl, Digital print banner material, Vinyl

Digital print banner material

By the 1950s vinyl coated fabric completely replaced all other materials used for records although people began using it during the second World War. Although the use of vinyl coated fabric began a long time ago, people still find many uses for it today.

Vinyl sign material made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC surprisingly enough, never had a patent from its inventor. German chemist Eugene Baumann created PVC in 1872. Vinyl PVC pipe is recognized as being less expensive and non corrosive. It is the largest market for vinyl production and it is easier to install than metal piping. Printable vinyl is great for sign material because it is able to withstand the elements. People use it for outdoor signs, banners and shade coverings.

Laminate fabric and vinyl fabrics which can be handy for the arts and crafts types and they have a plastic base. Did you know that vinyl is the second most produced plastic in the world? That is saying a lot considering how much plastic is used in daily life.

While you are out shopping you might notice that there are thousands of items made from vinyl coated fabric, including banners, floor mats, shower curtains, wiring and floor tiles. With all of this information about vinyl coated fabric, you can go out and make sure your entire home and wardrobe consists of vinyl! You also might find that your friends stop answering your phone calls to hang out!

Because of its relationship with alcohol, in its original sense of ethyl alcohol, the etymology of vinyl is the Latin vinum, “wine”. So, next time you decide to relax after a long day of work with a glass of wine, remember how vinyl is involved. It might be worth a toast or maybe even two toasts! Read more.