Can Bankruptcy End Foreclosure? Three Facts about Texas Foreclosures

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on September 24th, 2013. Posted in Foreclosure dallas tx, Houston seo company, Mortgage foreclosure help

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Did you know that Texas reported a total of 56,801 completed foreclosures during 2012, making it one of the five states with the highest foreclosure rates? Unfortunately, foreclosures happen to many people. Foreclosure dallas tx happens when the homeowner is unable to make payments on their home. Many people have questions about foreclosure, and hopefully we will be able to provide you some home foreclosure help.

1. Can I Send Some of the Money I Owe?

Not without restructuring your payment, no. Some people mistakenly believe that some is better than none since at least it shows you’re trying. In reality, though, the bank is going to receive your check and just mail it right back to you. The exception to this is when you and the