Should You Choose Preschool or Child Care? Know the Difference?

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on August 28th, 2013. Posted in Choosing child care, Pa childcare

Employers with onsite daycare

Did you know, that in the U.S., as high as 90% of day care fees are paid by parents? Child care comes at a cost, so make sure that you are making a worthy investment. Do some research, and make sure your kids are in a healthy and nurturing environment, right where you want them to be. How are parents making sure their children are safe, and in good hands?

With a typical four year old asking as many as 437 questions each and every day, the question is not “Should I get my child day care?” but rather, “How?” Knowing what to look for when choosing a daycare makes a huge difference. One of the first decisions to make is whether to bring your child to a day care center, or select a preschool.

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