Find out Why You’re Better off Purchasing a Used Vehicle, Instead of a New Vehicle

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 30, 2013. Posted in Cars for sale rochester ny, Rochester ny car dealers, Subaru dealer ny

Used car dealerships in rochester ny

If you’re in the market for a vehicle, buying a used car is a great way to save money, compared to purchasing new. Yes, paying a lower purchase price for the same used car model instead of a new model is usually the main reason to buy a used car; however, there are other reasons to purchase used as well. For example, purchasing a new car is typically considered as a poor investment; in fact, it’s not much of an investment at all. New cars typically depreciate about 20% the second they are driven off the lot. After the first year of use, a new car will typically depreciate an added 10%, totaling a 30% loss in value during only the first year of ownership. According to Time Magazine, the average price among new car sales in 2012 was $30,500. Compare that figure, to the average depreciation value among new cars, and you have a total depreciated value of well over $9,000, in just the first year of ownership — by no measure does this depreciated value equate to a smart investment.

The best way to avoid this extreme depreciation among new car sales is to purchase a car that is only 1-3 years used — by doing so, it’s quite possible for the owner to purchase the used car, drive it, and with proper care and routine maintenance, sell it with a limited loss in the car’s equity. It is, however, important for consumers to to understand that not all newer-model used cars are the right buy — some used cars depreciate far less than others. For example, most Chevrolet and Subaru cars manufactured in the last 5 years, are widely considered to be some of the best used cars. This is due to their engines having the ability to run properly after hundreds of thousands of miles.

Chevy and Subaru produces great engines, and the repairs to these cars are infrequent yet affordable when necessary. New Chevy dealers have been a staple in the American car scene for almost a hundreds years, in fact 1913 was the year in which the famous bow-tie Chevrolet emblem was featured. Chevy is a very popular American car that has been featured in thousands of songs, and Subaru is a very popular Japan-based automaker whose recent offerings hold their value tremendously and are both practical, and fun to drive. The name “Subaru” comes from the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster, which in turn inspired the Subaru logo.

So, as long as you pick the “right” used car, chances are you’re making a better investment. When shopping around, check out new Chevy dealers. New Chevy dealers will typically have a large number of new and used Chevy and Subaru inventory to chose from, in addition to providing a wide variety of certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles. CPO used vehicles receive a rigorous inspection by the vehicle’s manufacturer, ensuring that they are in proper condition, functioning well, ready to sell and drive. Your local Chevy dealers or local Subaru dealers will can also typically finance used cars if you don’t have the available cash upfront for the purchase. Besides that, just pick a car that fits your budget and that you enjoy driving. Great references here.

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