Freshly Made Guacamole is Best for Recipes

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on April 24, 2013. Posted in Classic guacamole recipes, Easy guacamole recipe, Guacamole calories

Guacamole recipe

What is guacamole? Well, avocado dip is what they call guacamole, and that this dip came to us from Mexico. Apparently, the people in Mexico got their avacado dip recipe from the Aztecs. You probably like it yourself and eat a little guacamole or spicy avocado dip now and then to go with your tortilla chips and salsa. However, did you know that you can find various other recipes using guacamole dip. Interestingly enough, there are quite a few recipes with guacamole as one of the ingredients, some of which are surprisingly delicious.

It is a good idea to know a little bit about guacamole nutrition. Recipes using guacamole dip are going to have a high fat content, as avocados are a high fat fruit. The avocado is also high in fiber though, and the fat is a good fat, not a bad fat. If you are concerned about the fat content and guacamole calories, keep in mind that an entire cup of guacamole dip can have as many as 368 calories.
Fresh guacamole dips are best and you can find quite a few classic guacamole recipes in cookbooks. You can also find recipes using guacamole on the internet today.

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