How Urgent Care Facilities Can Be Your Child’s Best Option

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 27, 2013. Posted in Urinalysis testing, Walk in clinic capital hill, Walk in clinic seattle

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If your child needs anything from a flu shot vaccine, to a physical for completion of interscholastic athletics requirements, or some other time sensitive medical attention, then you may have been pointed in the direction of an urgent care facility.

So what are these immediate care facilities, and why should you bring your child in to a Seattle WA urgent care clinic?

Urgent care facilities were first developed in the United States in the 1970′s. Since that time, urgent care facilities have become a staple to healthcare programs around the world. Furthermore, urgent care is one of the fastest growing services within the medical profession. There are two basic reasons for the growth and success of urgent care facilities. The first reason is that they are accessible. As walk in health service providers, urgent care clinics do not ask that patients make appointments. They also have the luxury of providing far shorter wait times than hospital emergency rooms. The second reason is the comprehensive care that is received at urgent care facilities. Certain states even allow urgent care clinics to act as one stop pharmacies, in order to help patients leave the clinics with the medication they need to get well.

Local urgent care is not only faster, it may be nearer to your home. Approximately 85% of all urgent care clinics in the United States are located outside of urban areas. Seventy five percent of all of these clinics are located in the suburbs and a remaining 10% are found in rival areas. These placements make them well within reach of schools, and the perfect place to take children for short notice school physicals. After all, the last thing a child wants is to be disqualified from athletic events due to outstanding school physicals.

The pediatric services of a Seattle walk in clinic near you are not limited to providing school physicals. Urgent care facilities are equipped to provide immediate medical care for virtually all non life threatening medical problems. These services include x-rays and other radiological tests that can diagnose the cause and severity of an injury. These immediate care medical centers also have the means to treat symptoms of the common cold, strep throat and other illnesses common to school age children.

Urgent care centers are saving their patients both time and money. Without the running costs, and the packed waiting rooms, urgent care facilities are treating more people with a cheaper overall price tag. Over a third of all emergency room visits can be treated more efficiently at urgent care walk in clinics. With the use of insurance, the cost of medical help of doctors at an urgent care facility is comparable to co-pays at pediatricians’ and physicians’ offices.

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