Improving Your Patient and Family Engagement

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on December 26, 2013. Posted in Digital display, Hcahps patient satisfaction, How to increase patient satisfaction

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Patient and family engagement is an important part of any medical practice. Almost 90% of patients are satisfied with the service provided by their primary care physician, but many still have things that they wish were done better or at least done differently. Patients are only satisfied with their physician around 90% of the time, which means that there is a significant amount of care that falls short of patients’ expectations. As a healthcare professional, it is important to do what you can to close this satisfaction gap. As a businessperson who is a part of a for profit practice, this dissatisfaction provides you with opportunities to acquire more patients for your practice.

Patient and family engagement both in your daily practice and
your marketing can help to prevent dissatisfaction within your patients and to attract new patients who are not fully satisfied with their current primary care provider. Hospital patient satisfaction scores vary by topic, with some parts of patients’ experiences with their doctors having more problems than others. Surprisingly, only around 12% of patients wish that wait times for appointments were shorter, making this a more minor problem than you might expect. However, around 20% of patients want doctors and nurses that are generally of a higher quality, and more than a quarter of patients wish that their doctors were completely caught up on the more current treatment and healthcare trends.

Your patient and family engagement in both your daily interactions with patients and your marketing can help you to manage these issues to your advantage. Aside from doing more reading to ensure that you are in fact on top of the most current healthcare trends, making sure that your practice or hospital present themselves in ways that show that you are on top of these things can help. Make sure that new and prospective patients see that you use the most modern technologies and procedures to deliver the best outcomes to them. Also, when you are thinking about your patient and family engagement, remember that patients who feel the most safe and at ease while under your care are generally the happiest with you, even if their outcome is not as good as they had hoped. Make sure that your bedside manner keeps your patients comfortable and at ease. Reference links.

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