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Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on October 25, 2013. Posted in Homepage

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In 2010, Cleveland boasted a population of approximately 396,815 people, making it the most populated city in the state of Ohio. If you live in any large metropolis, there are a number of news stations that you can choose from. So what makes Fox channel 8 Cleveland stand out as one to watch over any other news station? Here are three features that might interest you.

  • Pay It Forward Segment
  • If you need a little bit of inspiration, then the Fox 8 news in Cleveland segment called “Pay it Forward” is just what you are looking for. It pays tribute to individuals in the community who make a special effort to take care of children, the elderly, animals, or anyone in need. Each week a new story is told to recognize the hard work of selfless individuals, and also to share with the community what just one person or organization can do to make a difference.

  • Weather Alerts
  • The weather in Cleveland can be pretty brutal. Being on the Lake Erie shoreline means that Cleveland is subject to lake effect snow, and even though Ohio enjoys four seasons, it is still located far enough north that winters are rarely mild. Channel 8 weather Cleveland can help you keep up to speed on mild weather as well as the more severe forms that often strike Cleveland in the Spring, producing hail, winds, severe thunderstorms, and sometimes tornadoes. You can get email alerts, for those days when you do not remember to check the T.V. or the online site. Their website gives you the option to subscribe to almost any type of alert, from a lake-shore flood watch, to freeze warnings or wind chills.

  • Offbeat News
  • Fox channel 8 Cleveland does not just cover the major local headlines, it also reports on offbeat news both in the city and around the country. For example, recent news stories include the new Bigfoot video out of Texas, a rare set of triplets born in Wisconsin, and an Ohio University student who found a strange person living in their basement. If you get tired of the typical headlines, then the channel 8 offbeat news section will have just what you are looking for.

News stations are a part of our everyday lives, often taken for granted as we get ready for our morning commute or wind-down after a long day. If you feel that other news stations are just repeating the same headlines over and over, then you might want to tune into Fox channel 8 Cleveland or check out their website to get valuable weather information, inspirational stories, or offbeat news.

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