New Channel Consistency and What it means for the Station’s Strength and Reliability

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on June 25, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Channel 8 Cleveland Ohio , much like channel 8 in most other major cities, is FOX news channel 8. And the interesting thing is that the Fox news channel 8 Cleveland OH is the same news channel for any other city as well, but it is specific to that area.

Rather than being a comprehensive channel with national news, it centers in geographically for the location that it is being received in.

The convenient thing about this is that if you travel and normally you watch Cleveland news FOX 8, no matter where you go, if you turn on channel 8 you are going to find the news. It won’t be Cleveland channel 8, but it will be Tampa channel 8 or something comparable.

You’d be able to get the channel 8 weather, and it’s that dependability that really helps the station stay strong. It makes people turn to that channel because they already know what they will get no matter where they tune in from.

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