The Many Benefits of Storage and Moving Pods

Written by Channel 8 Cleveland on November 21, 2013. Posted in Full service moving, Moving tips, Van lines

Portable storage

If you think your only options when moving are to rent a truck yourself or hire movers to do it all for you, then think again. Portable storage units offer a solution that’s easier and safer than driving a rental, less expensive than full-service movers, and far more flexible than both.

Moving pod companies let you move on your schedule, instead of rushing to get a rental truck back on time or have it all packed and ready for the movers’ timeframe. The pod is delivered to your home for you to load at your leisure, without a deadline hanging over your head.

Tired of dealing with narrow metal ramps leading to high truck decks? Most of the moving pods storage companies offer are level with the ground, so you can move your possessions in and out with ease and confidence. And if your move spans a few days, you can rest assured that your unit is safe and secure outside overnight, and accessible only by you.

And when you’ve filled your pods storage professionals will drive out and deliver it to your new home. Need to do some work on the new house before you move in? Leave the project room’s furniture in the pod, rather than move it into the house just to rearrange it later. You’ll save time and energy, as well as a lot of tedious tarping.

Even if you’ve moved a dozen times in your life, it’s always a stressful process. You owe it to your sanity to do what you can to ease the burden as much as possible. Storage and moving pods provide ease, convenience, security… and above all else, peace of mind.

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